Engage what is it and why?

This document describes ENGAGE as a summary of the needs for preparedness for disaster and a fresh approach to infrastructure rebuild following an event, enabling quicker and more effective community recovery. ENGAGE is based on the career and SCIRT and NCTIR experiences of the writers and on local and international observation and research. read more

Reconstructing Christchurch


International experts Dr. Michel Bruneau, Professor in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at the University of Buffalo and Dr. Greg MacRae, Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Natural resources Engineering at the University of Canterbury have collaborated on an extensive report on the factors underpinning  decisions  made in the rebuild of Christchurch after the Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010-2011. It is based on interviews with structural designers of up to 60% of the buildings design to date in the rebuild. read more